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Merchant & Mills

Woven Cotton - Indigo Moon


$28 per metre

1 quantity = 0.25m - $7

Merchant & Mills Indigo Moon Cotton

A unique hand block print from Jaipur, Indigo Moon is slightly heavier than Merchant & Mills other block prints, it is more like a soft canvas. 

Spot size 5cm.

The block printed cloths are printed by hand using traditional techniques and coloured with natural dyes. They will never be perfectly printed like a digital printed cloth, but we find this part of their charm.

We recommend for the first couple of washes, place the fabric in the washing machine drum at 30 or 40 degrees with a handful of table salt. This will help fix the dye. We find the block prints get softer with each wash and wear very well.

Material: 100% Woven Cotton

Fabric Width: 148cm

Fabric Weight:  

Order Instructions

  • Fabric pricing is for 0.25m fabric (1 quantity = 0.25m)
  • You can order in 0.25m increments (i.e. 4 quantities = 1m x width of fabric)
  • Orders of 0.5m (2 quantities) or more will be cut as one continuous length
  • Orders of 0.25m (1 quantity) will be cut across the full width of fabric (25cm x fabric width) unless you specify “fat quarter not width of fabric” in the special instruction box of your checkout cart

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