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Merchant & Mills

The Top 64 Pattern


By Merchant & Mills

Inspired by the classic fisherman’s top, this feminine version is more than a jumper but less than a jacket.

Skill level; Beginner

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 8 – 18. It works well in fabrics as diverse as heavy wool and oilskin.

Seam allowances are included in the pattern at 1.5cm, unless otherwise stated. All decorative top stitching is optional.


120cm wide 140 – 150cm wide
Size 8 1.75M 1.50M
Size 10 1.85M 1.50M
Size 12 2.00M 1.70M
Size 14 2.00M 1.80M
Size 16 2.00M 1.90M
Size 18 2.00M 2.00M



Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18
Bust 92cm 97cm 102cm 107cm 112cm 117cm
Waist 94cm 99cm 104cm 109cm 114cm 119cm
Hips 103cm 106cm 111cm 116cm 123cm 130cm
Sleeve 71.5cm 72cm 72.5cm 73cm 73.5cm 74cm
Length 62.5cm 63cm 63.5cm 64cm 64.5cm 65cm



Size 8 Size 10 Size 12 Size 14 Size 16 Size 18
Bust 82cm/32.25″ 86cm/33.75″ 91cm/35.75″ 96cm/37.75″ 100cm/39.25″ 106cm/41.75″
Waist 65cm/25.5″ 69cm/27″ 74cm/29″ 79cm/31″ 84cm/33″ 89cm/35″
Hips 90cm/35.5″ 94cm/37″ 99cm/38.75″ 104cm/41″ 109cm/43″ 114cm/44″


Pattern errata: On some print runs there is a grainline on the neck facing, please ignore this and place your pattern piece on the fold.           

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