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Milly & Eugene

Diamond Prism Terrarium

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The diamond Terrarium is set on a flat round base. Five hexagonal glass shaped pieces shoot up from the base which interlock with the elongated diamond shaped glass. They meet at a peak and are finished off with a round brass hook. It features one open side for you to insert elements from nature, creating an urban oasis. The beauty of the glass within the terrarium is that it enables you to see the many layers that are part of your creation. The dark welded brass gives this piece an industrial feel, which works perfectly alongside succulents and cacti. Large size comes with a pentagonal opening where as small size comes with a little hinged door.

All Milly and Eugene's products are hand made, and not mass produced. Please expect slight variations and imperfections as each piece is a one off individual.

Measures 30cm height, 18cm width, and 18cm depth.

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