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Crescent Buldan Cotton Turkish Towel


The Crescent towel is a favourite amongst many MAYDE towel fans, but for those that like their towels thick and plush but more subdued in colour, this is the towel for you!

Made from 100% Buldan Cotton, this gorgeous mono towel will compliment any home - and it makes for a pretty awesome gift as well.

This organic Turkish Towel will be your new best friend (apologies to your current best friend).  Ultra absorbent and lightweight, it folds to virtually nothing, becoming the perfect accessory for home and travel.  it is so versatile it'll make your head spin (sarong, table cloth, picnic rug...) you won't know what you ever did without it!

When you take your new best friend home, wash it, then wash it some more - this towel will become much softer as a thank you.

Designed with passion in Australia.

100% Buldan Cotton.

MAYDE with love in Turkey.


100cm x 150cm




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